Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Grand Haven, MI - My Hometown

I recently spent 12 days in Michigan, where Paul and I are from and wanted to share some pictures of the waters I grew up on and why I can't live away from water... hence one reason we ended up in the Tampa Bay area. I had a great trip and saw lots of my wonderful friends and family, and the beautiful Grand Haven Pier @ sunset...Lake Michigan showing some muscle... There was a kite surfing contest in town (all the color dots in the sky). It was a lot of fun to watch - wish I knew how, although I think I'd need to work on my upper body strength first ;)

For all the Floridians that don't know the truth about Lake Michigan - it is a freshwater ocean :) It appears to go on without end and surfing happens.I had to deal with a stubborn and not so small kidney infection the day before I left for Michigan, so I spent the first 5 days there in bed. However, my dad did manage to get me out on his boat. I grew up sailing and absolutely love it! We have taken many sailing trips up the west coast of Michigan to Mackinac Island.