Saturday, April 26, 2008

6 Days Late and counting....

April 20th - The official due date and still pregnant with no signs of labor
April 21st - Still pregnant... We decided to take in a Hockey game. The usher asked if we needed a paramedic nearby just in case...
April 22nd - Stiiillll pregnant... Caught up on some sleep.
April 23rd - Why not ...another Hockey game??
April 24th - STILL preggers.. Dr.'s appointment - They did an ultrasound to check the fluid and a stress test to make sure Baby is ok. Everything looks good... so go home.
April 25th - STILL PREGNANT Let's go to another Hockey game!
April 26th - And no sign of labor..................................

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maternity Pics!! ~by the fabulous Anne Marie Photography

Paul and I had maternity pictures done a few weeks ago by the wonderful Traci and Kellie of Anne Marie Photography here in San Antonio. I have been very blessed to get to know these two fabulous ladies and even spent the week at Love Affair with them as roomies. Thank you ladies!! I just have to share some of my faves!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bella, Oh Bella, The Fun We Had...

My good friend Charisse and her daughter Bella came over and the fun we had! I actually met Charisse in Florida when Paul and her hubbie worked together. Then we both ended up here in San Antonio and I am so glad! Charisse is fastly becoming one of my favorite people.

Bella has been invited to be a part of the well-known Miss America Pageant events and needed headshots. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - capturing the pure joy and innocent beauty of a child :) The first three are the final headshots and I've also added some of my faves from the day...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

San Antonio Living - LIVE TV

So Baby DeYoung has officialy made his/her modeling and television debut... all before entering the world. This morning's edition of San Antonio Living was based around the San Antonio Mommas that have made their way to LA to design nursery's for the celebrities (such as Tori Spelling, Brooke Burke, and Jamie Priestley). This local nursery and maternity boutique have become two of my favorite places! In fact, we bought our nursery bedding from Nursery Couture - I knew I had superstar taste ;)

Some pictures below of my first TV experience. And was I pleasantly surprised to see my friend and very talented photographer, Maile of Relish Photography there! She was a featured guest for her great Maternity and family pictures. Also featured was DD Cobb, owner of Chic Mama, Katy Mimari, owner of Caden Lane and Nursery Couture, and Tracy Garcia, owner of Petite Suites wall murals.

Want to see the clip? CLICK HERE

The gang and host, Shelly Miles. Notice Ava, the precious girl that modeled with me, and how her hand is on my belly - so cute!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fun Stuff ~ Modeling on "San Antonio Living"

So I am out running errands today and stop by the Maternity store here in San Antonio - Chic Mama. The owner asks me "So what are you doing tomorrow morning?" ...apparently I am modeling some of the gorgeous maternity clothes in her store on the local live morning show San Antonio Living! The show airs on NBC here in San Antonio at 10am local time. Baby is going to be a TV star starting in utero!